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Dog Training Tips - Excellent Websites for Dog Lovers
Search for a Dachshund by color, coat type and pattern! You can be specific in your query as you'd like.
Karen Pryor Clicker Training
  • For anyone interested in Clicker Dog Training this is the website for you. There is some sample video of clicker training process in action.
K9 Events NW
  • This is a huge resource of dog training tips, articles and advice. It can be a bit tricky to navigate your way around this website but it really is worth the trouble. Whatever stage you are at with your puppy or older dog you will find relevant, quality information within this great dog training website.
PetPlace - Dog Training Tips
  • Another great website for us dog lovers to explore. This site has hundreds of high quality articles covering such topics as - how to choose your puppy, how to properly feed your dog, solving problem behavior in dogs and how to train your dog.
Perfect Paw
  • Another great place to find articles on How To House Training Your Puppy. This site in full of helpful information - It all about your puppy/dog.
Dog Training Tips - Free Dog Training Ebooks
Before You get Your Puppy
  • This free ebook is a must read for anybody about to a new puppy or who has just got one. Put together by Dr.Ian Dunbar ( creator of Sirius Dog Training ) this 103 page ebook covers all you need to know about caring for your puppy in the early stages. Covers in detail such topics as house training, socializing and preventing problem behavior in puppies.
The Secret To Dog Training
  • 16 page dog training ebook put together by Ray Coleiro who is the author of " Dog Training Mastery". This is a fantastic and insightful free ebook which really gives you an understanding of what makes your tick. All you need to do is sign up for Ray's free 10 part email course and you will also receive the ebook for free.
Raising Puppies
  • A BIG Thank you to Mrs.DiCaprio and one of her 3rd grade students for letting us know about this informational link!